About me

Here you can find out more about me: who I am, what I do, what I love, what I am passionate about

I am Aibol and I am 22 years old JavaScript developer. My motherland is Kazakhstan, but currently I live and work in Belarus, Minsk.

I consider myself as a JavaScript developer with strong(enough) knowledge in FrontEnd. Love everything related to JavaScript, and I use it on FrontEnd(ReactJS) and BackeEnd(NodeJS).

Previously, I worked as an Android Developer and also taught it while I was studying in University. In school I was olympiad student participating on different programming contests(ACM). In my opinion, that gave me strong foundation in Software Engineering world, however, I did not like ACM that much, since it was hard to see immediate results like website or application. Therefore, I am not in FrontEnd world :)

I love learning new stuff and sharing what I learnt, so feel free to follow my tech blog. I am always open for new connections and ready to help where I can. To get in touch with me, just tweet me at @aibolik_.

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