Whom to follow to stay up to date in JS and FrontEnd world

Hi, developer folks. In this post I want to share whom I follow and admire in tech world to stay up to date with all tendencies and other cool stuffs they share. Since I am mostly JavaScript/FrontEnd developer, this list will contain people mostly from this part of IT.

So here is a list:

  • Dan Abramov(@dan_abramov) - I don't think that I really need to introduce Dan Abramov, but anyway. He is a main creator of Redux and co-author of create-react-app, part of team working on ReactJS and just a nice guy ;). He also has stunning courses on egghead.io
  • Feross(@feross) - great person whom I started following right after watching his talk about linting, where he introduced standardJS, and yeah, he is a creator of that tool. He is also creator of many other cool projects, he is more like tech entrepreneur, but he also has huge experience working on giant companies. I like people who create. By the way, he also has great blog(I've read much stuff after his talk).
  • Ali Spittel(@ASpittel) - Ali is a developer, teacher and blogger. I just like what she writes and shares. She also an active blogger and has newsletters, where she shares some great articles across the web. She is also creator - take a look at https://learncodefrom.us/
  • Michael Jackson(@mjackson) - not that one :). Co-Author of popular react-router and owner of ReactTraining. Great guy in tech world, especially he focuses(as I understood) on React. Being co-creator of react-router his guides are really well written. He also provides great trainings and workshops at ReactTraining. Also, he really cares about future of web. Just read this thread.
  • Kyle Simpson(@getify) - when we talk about JavaScript it is unfair to not include Kyle Simpson, also knows as GETIFY. My foundation of JavaScript strengthened after reading his You Don't Know JS book series. I highly recommend to all new(not only beginners) JS devs. You better go to his twitter account, learn about him and read 2 books mentioned in his profile.
  • Todd Motto(@toddmotto) - if I liked Angular and worked with it much, probably Todd Motto would be a number one person whom I should know, and his blog would be "go-to" resource for(almost) any Angular related question. He writes great stuff on in, also he is Google Developer Expert and creator Ultimate Angular course series.
  • Chris Coyier(@chriscoyier) - co-founder of CodePen.io and CSS-tricks. He knows more CSS tricks than anyone else. He is also very active on his blog/website. Definitely should follow.
  • Wes Bos(@wesbos) - Wes Bos, I call this man a "serial instructor", he has dozens of JavaScript related courses and ton of other useful materials. Just head to his website at wesbos.com. By the way, recently he launched AdvancedReact and GraphQL course - that I mentioned in my newsletters. This course already has many positive feedbacks. Maybe you should also take a look at it.
  • RisingStack(@RisingStack) - I know I was going to talk about people. But this company is really great. I did not investigate much what they are doing, but they are super useful for dev community, since they share really useful articles from real experience. You definitely have to take a look at their tech blog and follow them to stay up to date.

This list is just a small portion of whole thing. Actually there are more people whom I follow and admire what they do. Feel free to share your "hereos" in comments.

Thanks for having me, Bye!

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