My Programming Experience

Hi, there! I will begin with explaining how I started my way in programming.

In the far 2008th, I entered to Kazakh-Turkish High School for gifted students. All Kazakh-Turkish Schools in our country make a big emphasis on subject Olympiads. Our school was not an exception. In the first quarter, after 2-3 weeks of study, you write a test and choose 3 subjects that you want to study deeply, to go to Olympiad. My first priority subject was English. I really liked it. And I had good results than my classmates on lessons. But there was too many students in that subject, so I became a Olympiad student of Informatics - my second priority. That is how I began IT geek.

I started learning C++ very deeply, and all algorithms, graphs, trees and etc. Sometimes, I even won some awards in regional and republic Olympiads. But after 3 years, it started to annoy me, because I learned ACM programming, but could not see the application of it in real life. In 10th grade I downloaded PHP and MySQL course from Evgenyi Popov. That was my first steps in Web-programming. I built some simple websites in the end of this course.

In 2013, I entered Suleyman Demirel University, to Engineering Faculty, Information Systems department. The lessons were easy, because I already had 5 years of experience in programming, while most of my groupmates had no experience in programming. I entered IT-club - local club in University for those who interested in IT. There was many sections like, Web, iOS, Android, Game Dev. I liked Android, so I went to that section.

I went to Android Development. That was not so hard. Having experience in programming helped me with that. So learning curve had a steep growth in the beginning for me.

After a year, I started taking projects for freelance. They were small projects but helped me gaining experience in Android Development. Android Developers Site was my favorite site. Mostly I was self-taught developer, and never know how to write perfect code. I read blogs of Android Developers to gain more experience and learn to write perfect code. These blogs are Fernando Cejas (lead engineer at SoundCloud), Romain Guy (Software Engineer at Google), Hannes Dorfmann (Software Engineer, Open Source contributor, after of MVP Mosby framework), Dmitro Danylyk (Google Developer Expert) and others.

Along with this, I did not end up with Web development. It was always interesting for me, so I also was interested in this sphere. In university I took course where I got to know with ReactJS and other JavaScript libraries. Then I worked as Web Developer in "SOFT IT" LLC, where I furthered my knowledge in Web development.

In 2016, one company invited me to position of Android Developer. The company was Mars Studio - they develop mobile applications, mostly for other Businesses(B2B). After a month, I was promoted to Lead Android Developer. I had more responsibility and I liked it. But those days I really wanted to be free, and start own business, become an entrepreneur. I quit a job, after I finished last application and started building own business.

I had my ups and downs and now I almost lost everything. Entrepreneur inside me did not let me go to work, and work for someone. Now I start to understand that I want to be an expert in one field. I am young and everything is ahead. But now, I do not want to stay in one place. I want to move forward, so Freelancing is like freedom for me where I can get more experience in interesting field. I chose to work for foreign companies, where I can make a real value for company and for customers of company. My selection was TopTal because I strongly believe I am talented developer, who deserves to be among top talents. That is the reason I want to join to Toptal React.js Engineering Community.

Anyway, I have just applied for TopTal, and tomorrow I am having an online meeting. I really like to get in and become one of top developers who work there.

Thank you for reading!

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